Re: Towards a Eurasian Soil Partnership for food security and sustainable development

Vincenzo Lo Scalzo Italy, AgoraAmbrosiana


Dear moderators,

I am able to anticipate the letter in my hands since a week to which I hope to add another contribution to the proper ongoing debate with some considerations dedicated to the scope of your last questions, for the extent of a potential support to some of the contributions that you have received.

GSP: Global Soil Partnership, recent mechanism established by FAO aiming at consolidating joint efforts of partners interested in the preservation, conservation and rehabilitation of soils as a finite natural resource, foundation of ecosystem services and food production. Letter to attention of moderators, FAO consultation ECFS consultation for soil derived security issues All relevant contributions are received and seconded as free expressions of excellent competence at top of the available knowledge of the issues:

  • Specific measures to assess the potential negative effects of climate change on agriculture to ensure food security of the population;
  • Using remote sensing and GIS based algorithms and methods for data collection, processing and analyzing on soils, accuracy assessment, overlapping and crossing map
  • Development of the system for the intellectual data analyses (data mining);
  • Integrated natural resources management;
  • Management and conservation of soil resources.

Sincere regards and wishes for a foreseen success of your final contribution

V. Lo Scalzo, Dr. industria chemistry. AgoràAmbrosiana, Milano

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