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Д-р Botir Dosov Uzbekistan Ассоциации научно-исследовательских ассоциаций Центральной Азии и Южного Кавказа (АСНИОЦАК) I am currently working on:

- provide required advisory services for CACAARI in order to ensure that the CACAARI activity adheres to its provisional documents such as: CACAARI Charter, GCARD Road map and measures indicated to be implemented by CGARD1 and GCARD2, CACAARI Regional Strategy and goals and objectives as agreed upon by the CACCAARI General meeting, and other documents regulating CACAARI activity; - day-to-day assistance to CACAARI Secretary for design, implementation and monitoring of CACAARI Working plan and budget in synergy with the Operational Center ICARDA, as well as for proposing mid-term strategies to ensure that CACAARI evolves according to operational needs; - maintain constant liaison with national, regional and global Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) organizations, including international agencies, farmer organizations, NGOs, universities and research institutes; - contribute to broadening CACAARI’s membership among CAC research institutions, farmer organizations and NGOs