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Discussions from n.11 to n.20

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Discussion No. 20
Promoting Collaboration among Stakeholders in Agriculture Development

06.08.2008 - 20.08.2008

How to promote communication and collaboration among stakeholders in agriculture development (program officers of the IGOs and NGOs, the agriculture extension officers, the farmers, and the members of the agriculture research facilities...).

Discussion No. 19
Training manuals/Training resources on Food Security

05.08.2008 - 16.08.2008

Members shared training manuals/training resources on Food Security, especially those for civil servants at provincial and district level.

Discussion No. 18
Closing the Gap - Linking Food Security Information to Effective Decision Making

09.07.2008 - 15.08.2008

The link between 'technical' consensus and decision making is difficult to make partially because analysis of a food security situation, based on security information systems are often very technical and the 'translation' to a more political level are often difficult to make. The 'missing link' might be a lack of 'communication' skills? How to close the gaps in food security information systems and better link food security information with decision making?

Discussion No. 17
Organic Agriculture and Climate Change

24.06.2008 - 14.07.2008

How do organic agriculture systems utilize traditional skills and knowledge, manage with weather extremes, and enhance productivity and resilience?

Discussion No. 16
Mainstreaming food security and nutrition in poverty reduction strategies/policies

15.06.2008 - 04.07.2008

Members shared: Case studies of initiatives towards mainstreaming food and nutrition security in poverty reduction strategies, development plans or national policies; Opportunities, challenges and lessons learned in implementing such initiatives with positive outcomes; What kind of policy assistance is available or required to overcome constraints to mainstreaming food and nutrition security at local levels (like in district or municipal plan).


Discussion No. 15
Staple Food as a Fundamental Solution to Malnutrition

27.05.2008 - 27.06.2008

What could be the solutions to the over-reliance on short to medium strategies of Supplementation and Fortification? What could be done to promote staple food?

Discussion No. 14
Energy Competition for Food Crops

03.06.2008 - 20.06.2008

Members shared their opinions and insights on the pros and cons of bio-fuel.

Discussion No. 13
Improving rice production in Africa

Discussion No. 12
Biological Pesticide Research and Extension

22.05.2008 - 14.06.2008

Forum members shared information (examples, reference papers, contacts...) and insight/advice regarding Biological pesticide research and Extension.

Discussion No. 11
Impact of Soaring Food Prices and Policy Responses

25.04.2008 - 30.05.2008

Forum members shared insights on the impact of soaring food prices and policy measures adopted in country-specific situations as well as recommend appropriate policies/actions.