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Discussions from n.21 to n.30

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Discussion No. 30
Looking at things differently while addressing food security and nutrition issues

02.02.2009 - 24.03.2009

Forum members shared their insights and practical experiences of "win-win" opportunities for viable investment in agricultural expansion, social protection programmes etc., which could build a strong constituency of public support for the eradication of hunger and malnutrition.

Discussion No. 29
Draft of National Agricultural and Food Policy for Uzbekistan

11.02.2009 - 14.03.2009

This discussion was cross-posted with UNDP’s Poverty Reduction Network and the MDGNetwork (a UN Development Group’s network). The FSN Forum members were invited to:
– Share their experience related to the formulation of National Food Security Policy Documents and the implementation of those.
– Share comments on the suggested draft of the Logical Framework Matrix.

Discussion No. 28
Putting people first: Nutrition, a key to integrated programming for poverty reduction?

01.12.2008 - 06.02.2009

Members were invited to share experiences and insights on the integration of nutrition in agriculture and livelihoods programs and integrated/multi-sectoral programming; constraints and obstacles faced in integration of nutrition in agriculture and livelihoods programs and how to overcome them; successful approaches, activities and tools for integrating nutrition in ongoing programs and for reducing malnutrition and poverty in a sustainable manner; relevant publications or tools on this topic to be shared with the Forum members.

Discussion No. 27
Responding to the challenges of climate change and its linkages to food security and nutrition

16.10.2008 - 0.11.2008

Members shared experiences on: the impact of climate change and variability on food security, nutrition and dietary quality; successful strategies for communication and awareness-raising on the effects of climate change; initiatives for adaptation to climate change and variability as well climate change mitigation measures at the level of small-scale farmers.

Discussion No. 26
Food Security and the Human Right to Food - Going on parallel tracks or converging?

23.09.2008 - 06.11.2008

Members shared practical experiences and information on:
a) application of human rights based approach to food security at national & local levels; b) human rights based food security policies, projects, programmes or plans; c) documents and other relevant material about right to food field-level activities; d) ways to promote the convergence between the right to food, food security and development.

Discussion No. 25
Linking Food Aid and Pro-Poor Growth

18.09.2008 - 04.11.2008

Members shared their opinions and insights on the following issues: What is the Food Aid role in alleviating immediate hunger and reducing the costs of hunger? Which are the Food Aid implications for nutrition, health, Household coping strategies, human capacities, and policies? What are the long-term implications/impacts on the economic growth? How could Food Aid be more effective?

Discussion No. 24
Materials on Complementary Food Recipes and Cooking Demonstrations

03.09.2008 - 24.09.2008

Members shared cooking recipes and materials for cooking demonstrations and preparations particularly focusing on veggies and fruits in Africa.

Discussion No. 23
A Web-site on Household Food Production

18.08.2008 - 12.09.2008

Whether and how a website should be created to facilitate the sharing of methods for producing basic foods at the household and community levels.

Discussion No. 22
Papers and Data on Food Security in Mountains

02.09.2008 - 09.09.2008

Members shared papers, data, case studies and points to highlight related to food security in mountains.

Discussion No. 21
Garden in a sack

10.07.2008 - 10.08.2008

Members shared information and opinions on "sack garden" projects.