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Re: Indigenous methods of food preparation: what is their impact on food security and nutrition?

Lizzy Nneka Igbine
Lizzy Nneka IgbineNigerian Women Farmers AssociationNigeria

Indigenous methods are what we are born with. They are good and we have survived with them over the years. While growing up, I used to visit my grandmother in the village and we plucked mango in the bush and we start eating them.

Today we have discovered better ways of eating and staying healthy. We are now eating better and have less sicknesses, diseases and better living.

This shows development and improvement of life. As life improves, we look forward to use of better and healthier ways to eat our food. We know where we are coming from and we look forward to improved life. Our growth leads us to Science, research and studies. These attempts leads to invention and innovations.

We will not throw away innovation for ignorance and so our growth must be matched with new ideas. This leads us to change though our good old ways before to better ways of doing things.
Indigenous methods of food practice should be upgraded to faster, better, and cleaner modern methods without prejudice or regret as Science is to enhance life and better living.

Lizzy Igbine
Nigerian women agro allied farmers association.