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Foro Global sobre Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición • Foro FSN

Re: The contribution of the private sector and civil society to improve nutrition

Lida Lhotska
Lida LhotskaIBFAN-GIFASwitzerland

Dear Moderator,

I would like to support Claudio Schuftan’s observations and suggestions for additional issues that need to be raised and addressed. I would also like to emphasize one point in relation to the Issue 2 he highlights: Unless/until  also principles for safeguarding policy-making against conflicts of interests created by too close or inappropriate engagements with commercial/economic actors are fully implemented in a form of adequate conflict of interest policies, that deal with individual AND institutional conflicts of interests, and that help address their underlying causes, the chance that the Secretary general’s demand for the post 2015 food and nutrition policies to be compliant  with human rights principles will be very slim or non-existent.

With best regards,

Lida Lhotska
IBFAN Liaision office