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Re: Invitation to an open discussion on the political outcome document of the ICN2

Edwin Tamasese
Edwin TamaseseSoil Health Pacific LtdSamoa

Dear moderator,

I have had a read through the document and agree with most of it as well as comments from other contributors, in particular Peter Vandor and the need to set targets and indicators to allow tangible measurement.

The one area that I am very disappointed about is paragraph 13 which has the outdated and scientifically disproved reference to saturated fats. There are volumes of recent studies showing that this has no scientific validity and needs to be presented correctly to avoid health damaging diets that call for the removal of all saturated fats from the diet.

The sentence that currently reads "..., while curbing the excessive consumption of sugars and saturated fats." needs to read "while curbing the excessive consumption of sugars, refined carbohydrates such as wheat flour, processed meats, trans fats, rancid fats and polyunsaturated fats".

Grouping saturated fats into a single group is misleading and causes poor dietary choices. Short and medium chain saturated fats contained in foods such as coconut and avocado have significant health benefits. It is a tragedy when saturated fats are grouped like this as it causes mislead health campaigns to demonize highly beneficial foods that in the case of Oceania where I am from has meant people removing these products from their diets.


Best regards,

Edwin Tamasese
Managing Director
Soil Health Pacific Ltd
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