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Re: Selection and Prioritization of CFS Activities for the Biennium 2016-2017

Canadian Canola Growers Association
Canadian Canola Growers AssociationCanada

  1. What issues should be addressed by the Committee in the biennium 2016-2017? The Committee could explore the role of innovation and investment in the development of agriculture and food systems.
  2. Explain the issue and describe why you are proposing it; There is solid evidence that agriculture can be intensified with accompanying productivity gains without eroding the natural resource base.  Canada for example has actually improved our native soils since the 1930s while intensifying production.  Innovation and improvements in technology and agronomic practices have significantly reduced water use and soil conditions have improved– soils at risk have declined significantly.  With zero till practices and new crop varieties built on new technology agriculture uses approximately 500,000 gallons of water per acre less than was the case in the 1980s.  There are number studies done by international agencies that show evidence of how to boost productivity, particularly for small family farms, through innovation and investing wisely and responsibly in agriculture. 
  3. What kind of activity do you propose to address this issue? Roundtable.
  4. Which kind of CFS workstream should be put in place to address it?
  1. A major workstream
  2. Another type of workstream
  3. An HLPE report

Jan Dyer

Director of Government Relations