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Re: Policy outreach and communications - what works for improving food security and nutrition at the country level?

Laura L. Dawson, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac.
Laura L. Dawson, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac.Food Physics & Body Dynamics LLCUnited States of America

President Obama authorized a new Food Safety Modernization Act in the USA, to be implemented by our national Food and Drug Adminstration. Meetings began on how to protect Americans and all peoples of the globe, in order that we may continue to trade food products and commodities, while assuring this food did not carry unwanted disease carrying bacteria and other issues relating to poor food safety standards. I was invited to act as a capacity building member of meetings in Washington DC where other nations had sent their food policy specialist in June 2012. During the meetings we discussed the portions of our food in the USA that were already being imported, as well as how to create a global food security system in which all counties in active food trading could participate and share in the responsibility. We came up with several strategies that would use the food industry leadership in each country along with universities and in some cases military in order to manage food safety regulations and outbreaks of food borne illness. I am grateful and honored to provide both verbal and written recommendations that will make the world's food supply safer for all peoples.