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Re: What are Latin American countries doing to tackle the double burden of malnutrition effectively?

Kuruppacharil V. Peter
Kuruppacharil V. PeterKerala Agricultural UniversityIndia

To quote Gandhi ji "Poor see God in Bread". Poverty is the worst shame to humanity" he continued in his discourses. He practiced what he preached. The backyard kitchen garden adjacent to his "Asram" in Wardha in Gujarat had all the vegetables, fruits and grains for the inmate. With 240 million homesteads-living space-India can be a model country for self-sufficiency in nutrients." Food is thy medicine" said the famous physician Hippocrates. The just released book "Horticulture for Nutrition Security" published by Astral International Pvt Ltd New Delhi carries 4 preambles one from FAO, two from National Academy of Agricultural Sciences and one from Indian National Science Academy. Forty three scientists in the area of Horticulture and Nutrition contributed chapters all focussed to Nutrition through Horticulture. Despite availability of plants like drum stick, curry leaf, chekkurmanis, basil, agathi and several other vitamin and mineral packed vegetables, hidden hunger is very endemic in India. The book focusses on Food and Nutrition holistically