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Re: Online consultation for developing the Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management

Yoganath Adikari

Hello!!  A few comments and / or clarifications on the draft.

  1. Page 2. The current state of soil degradation was examined……  where was it examined?
  2. Page 5. Table 1.1 Soil regulation, I don’t get the clear meaning
  3. Page 8. First bullet.  I think the addition of the term “soil aggregation” might be more specific because OM aggregates soil particles.
  4. Page 10. 2nd bullet point.  Is it related to fragipan?
  5. Page 13. 2nd bullet point.  Construction of mini-catchment-  I don’t get the meaning how we could do that.
  6. Page 13. 3rd bullet point-  enough growing plants- does this mean increase in biomass or something else.
  7. Page 15. 3rd bullet-  rising ground water tables- I think we need to mention the location


Yoganath ADIKARI (PhD)
Forestry Officer, Forest Protective Functions

Soil & Water Conservation
Global Forest Resources Assessment
FAO Forestry Department
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