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Re: Online consultations for a knowledge sharing platform on resilience

Jemal Mensur
Jemal MensurIGAD, IDDRSI (Drought Disaster Resilience and Sustainability Initiative )Djibouti

Dear all,

I would like to congratulate the FAO team for creating a good mechanism to capture the expert’s views on KM and resilience issues. Which is one way of capturing a tacit knowledge.

Having said that, recently, In IGAD PCU we come up with draft Knowledge Management Strategy document which will guide road map, to implement the Knowledge Management issues on resilience within IGAD region. The KM Strategy come up with seven key KM Strategic areas.

  1. Facilitating Knowledge Generation Processes  
  2. Strengthening Knowledge Capture Processes 
  3. Strengthening Knowledge Sharing Processes  
  4. Facilitating Knowledge Utilization Processes     
  5. Diversification of Knowledge Management Experts     
  6. Enhance Analytical Capacity of Experts
  7. Promoting Partnership and Networking of Knowledge for Development          

In my view In order to achieve the above key KM strategic areas, technologies can play an important role.  Technologies will used by people (Stakeholders) to meet pre-identified processes to achieve or support the drought and disaster resilience agenda. I also believe there should be a smart unified and integrated platform which provides various types of services and address all the issues above.

Now the question is, is there already a generic tool which can address the above key KM strategic areas in an integrated fashion? If there is already a tool, which can address the above issues, no need to reinvent the will except adapting or strengthen the tool.  The challenge is that, there are plenty of disconnected technologies, which can address / satisfies specific requirements but not all. This by itself is remain as a challenge for us.

Regarding, one of the discussion point which is How can we avoid duplication efforts and create a living, innovative and action-oriented platform?

Within IGAD the reason why we come up with the KM strategic area number five which is Diversification of Knowledge Management Experts, is because to minimize / avoid duplication of efforts. This could be achieved by establishing a Knowledge Management Working Group composed of key KM players ( KM workers ), Regionally, Nationally and subrationally. If such kind of KM working group network is established, it can easily be connected to the global KM working group to transparently share, discuss, aware what is currently going on. Which can contribute to avoid duplication of efforts.

Thank you