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Re: Online consultations for a knowledge sharing platform on resilience

Giulia Riedo

Dear all,

I am glad to read all this insightful contributions about knowledge sharing for resilience. I am working on Good Practice documentation and I have also cooperated in documenting Good practices on Resilience.

Here some of the main issues I have noticed by documenting good practices:

First, practices often lack of monitoring and evaluation, hence it is difficult to evaluate the results/impact of a practice and it is difficult to understand whether the practice is really a good practice or not. It might be useful sharing on the platform the indicators/criteria used to verify the improvements on resilience after the practice implementation.  I think it would be also useful, let the Technical Working Group using part of this platform to make progress on their discussions on resilience measurement harmonization and to share their results.

Second, there are difficulties related to Good Practices dissemination and even more for Good Practices implementation. In order to reach directly practitioners, the platform could produce learning material for training government and NGOs staff, university students, etc. It is also important to make a link with all these different actors, even by outreach and communication activities at the country level. Furthermore, we should reflect on how this knowledge, once shared and disseminated, will be implemented, also at the FAO level. What are the obstacles to the implementation of resilience good practices? An online platform could be also used as a tool for monitoring/validating the implementation in an interactive way: once a good practice is shared, people could upload their experiences on implementing the same practice, making comments and sharing their results.

Gathering, disseminating and applying good practices seems to be considered one of the key elements of this upcoming platform. Therefore, in order to design a more demand-oriented product, hence a more useful tool, I have just two small questions: What are the essential elements to be included in a Good Practice document for Resilience? What would be the most effective way to disseminate them?


My best regards,