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Re: Using information technology in the agriculture of APEC economies and beyond – The potential of Wisdom Agriculture for poverty reduction and improved food security.

Dhanya Praveen
Dhanya PraveenEnvironment Protection Training and Research Institute, HyderabadIndia

Thanks for the opportunity to share and express our views.

Since the Bali Action Plan arised out of COP-13 in December 2007 Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) gained focus and are used in a number of ways to meet the requirements of climate change adaptation and mitigation.

ICT revolution in India serves as a great support especially to the small and marginal farmers with information, input supplies and marketing. It also facilitates socio-economic development in rural India.

The latest telecom policy also ensures improved broadband penetration in India. Some of the ongoing facilities of ITC in India are- e-choupal, e procurements, Kisan Kerala, Project Friends, Aaqua, Rice knowledge management portal, e Mitra, Lokavani,  e-krishi, Mahindra Kisan Mitra, IFFCO Agri-portal, Village knowledge centers (VKCs), village resource Advisories/centres (VRA/Cs)- Indian Space research organisation, etc. 

Digital Inclusion of farmers, farms, their perceptions, concerns and needs, strategic intervention of ICT in farming systems etc has been launched in Indian agriculture as part of Climate SMART Village projects, however it can go a long way in our country to revive and make the agriculture ecosystem more resilient to climate variability and change.