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Foro Global sobre Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición • Foro FSN

Re: Call for experiences and effective policy approaches in addressing food security and nutrition in the context of changing rural-urban dynamics

Aman Ullah Aman
Aman Ullah AmanSylhet Agricultural UniversityBangladesh

Md. Aman Ullah Aman

Main responsible entity
Md. Aman Ullah Aman

10/01/2016- 21/07/2016

Funding source

Dhaka city

To facilitate the food production in urban area by rooftop gardening. Besides this to involve the slum people in this production system to solve their unemployment problem.

01. Day by day green lands are decresing  as the buildings are increasing.
02.Scarcity of fresh food in urban areas.
03.Global warming duie to excess CO2 emission.
04.Unemployment problem.
05 Kitchen waste management.

Key characteristics of the experience/process

Key actors involved and their role
Slum people and their role in this project to cultivate the food  product.

Key changes observed with regards to food security and nutrition and sustainable agriculture and food systems
Day by day land decreasing and the organic food are not available. My project is also help in the sustainable food cause it supply the fresh food in the city people.

Challenges faced
Yield, scarcity of water in the rooftop. Scorching sunlight effect.

Lessons/Key messages
I state that rooftop gardening is the main key in the urban area for food security and sustainable agriculture.