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Re: Online consultation for developing the Code of Conduct for the Management of Fertilizers

Dhanya Praveen
Dhanya PraveenEnvironment Protection Training and Research Institute, HyderabadIndia


  1. Incentives for sustainable Farm management especially for maintaining diversified cropping systems will definitely help in the long run to ensure soil health. Apart from that imposing taxes for the use of fossil fuels. extension and other agricultural
  2. Additional incentives to even agricultural extension service professionals as a boost to enhance responsibility on reducing methane and nitrous oxide emissions due to overuse of fertilizers.
  3. GPS tracking facilities will help in assuring the timely monitoring and management of emissions and other impacts of overuse of fertilizers.
  4. Time to time, Stakeholders should be called for comprehensive action to address the issues of efficient fertilizer applications especially to tap traditional knowledge on the use of locally adapted seeds and livestock varieties and for producing on-farm fertilizers  like compost, manure etc.
  5. Scaling up organic agriculture as part of Climate smart Agriculture initiatives as not only National programmes but even at local level.



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