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Re: Eradicating extreme poverty: what is the role of agriculture?

Joel RUVUGOJSR TradersUnited Republic of Tanzania

First of all one has to recall that agricultural interventions are formed by the governments’ policies and politics and that no one fits all; moreover, there is not one best approach to eradicating extreme poverty in low income countries. Extreme poverty afflicts the populations living in these countries. Social and economic are the principle pillars to sustainable development in any given setting.

Agriculture is the backbone of population health nutrition and therefore, food insecurity leads to poor population health that causes inability to execute agricultural interventions in sustainable manner. With this note, eradicating extreme poverty needs integrated interventions that leverage streams of problems, policy and politics. The act of integrating problems stream, policy stream and politics stream must establish coordinating mechanism as a process by which society promptly determines who gets what and where, when they get it, and how they get it in the very local settings.

By leveraging the streams of problems, policies and politics; one can know why the problem of extreme poverty exist? The policy stream enables the actors to create various solutions to solve the policies problems. The coordinating mechanism must be in position to ensure the politics stream accepts policies intending to solve the existing problems.

The coordinating mechanism to eradicate extreme poverty must formulate analyze concepts and theories related to agricultural policy issues, be able to evaluate public policies and their effect on agricultural delivery. Sustainably analyze ethical, legal, social, economical, technological and any implications at local, national, regional and international level.

The coordinating mechanism must be empowered to analyze agricultural policy research and be aggressive to differentiate options for agricultural reform. Demonstrating the use of a positive political strategy to influence agricultural interventions and analyze strategies for empowering aggregate and communities to influence agricultural policy to eradicate the extreme poverty.

Allow me to share with you this file on What Makes African Development Projects Fail? Joel Samson RUVUGO, President of EBAFOSA Tanzania 2017,