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Re: Youth Employment in Agriculture as a Solid Solution to ending Hunger and Poverty in Africa

Baboucarr Kebbeh
Baboucarr KebbehGambia Youth Chamber of CommerceGambia

I came from the Gambia, where more 60% of our population is young people, and Agriculture is leading employer and contributor of our GMDP ( 20-25), However the youth unemployment rate has gone to 38% and youth are not been very interested in the sector. This sector is predominant dominated by women.

In my view and from experience, African Governments, FAO and other partners must invest more in Agriculture, and we must finds ways to make Agriculture SEXY, attractive to youth of our African continent.

Our government have not yet leverage on the youth population of our continent, and this has end to many of our youth losing focus and hope in our leaders.

In my Country, I have led the establishment of first ever Youth Chamber of Commerce in 2016, now has a registered membership of over 200 youth enterprises. We are currently implementing a four year project under the EU and has 7 partner organisation working with Youth in business.