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Re: Youth Employment in Agriculture as a Solid Solution to ending Hunger and Poverty in Africa


Hello everyone.

I am Zahra GRANA a PhD student from Morocco working on plant genetics and plant genetic resources characterization.

I came from a farming background family. But during my studies also I have noted the importance of this field and how much it needs to be developed in order to increase the food production to fulfill the national food need.

To achieve the goals that will help to develop the agriculture sector, the government is providing financial help to the graduated student. To set up their own agri-business company.

Since we have a family land in cultivated region in Morocoo I was thinking about building a small family company as a start. Especially that my PhD studies helped me to gather a lot of experience about farming. But yet is not sufficient to have a large knowledge about leading a company.

This kind of conference can be very helpful to see the challenges and the difficulties that other people already went through, to have an idea about the financial issues.Even this online discussion was very helpful for me to know a lot of information about the state of the agriculture sector in different countries in Africa.

By setting up my own Agri-business I am not just helping myself, I am also helping the development of my country, and providing new job opportunities. The company can also collaborate with local farmers and share the experiences that can be very useful.

In this context that the expect that workshop could provide us expert advice on entrepreneurship and the needed training, especially integrating digital innovations, which could be helpful to the younger generations.