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Re: Sustainable Development Goals - your story of creating a food secure world

Audrey POMIER FLOBINUSHumanity For The World (HFTW)France

« Do not look away, do not hesitate. Recognize that the world is hungry for acts, not words. Act with courage and vision ». Are words that have been spoken by Mr Nelson MANDELA and have touched my soul.

Driven by a universal unconditional love for humanity, guided by hope for a better future for humanity, in 2017, I began the creation of the first international NGO of speculative and operative aspirations based in the Caribbean in the territory. French (

Indeed, Humanity For The World (HFTW), the first humanitarian lobby in the Caribbean, is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-religious, non-profit, humanitarian and professional non-governmental organization specializing in the reduction of suffering in all its forms and in all its forms. defending the fundamental rights of all people in distress around the world and working in the world through the prism of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In an island context, such as that offered by Martinique, such an enterprise remains marginal. Without funding to date, relying solely on the will of its members, the organization based in Martinique, enjoying a reputation in several countries (India, Indonesia, Haiti, Togo, Ghana, Senegal, Cote d ivoire, France (Martinique, Paris)), nevertheless manages to have a lasting impact on the world by participating in the setting up of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we invite you to consult our achievements online (https: // and our Activity Report (2017-2018) online (

Even so, it has been demonstrated in 2018 that hunger has globally declined worldwide from 1 billion to 800 million individuals, According to a UN report, published in September 2018 world hunger continues to rise , 821 million people are now suffering from hunger and more than 150 million children are stunted, threatening the Zero Hunger goal.

Hunger in the world is an abnormal situation due to the unequal distribution of wealth on earth. These plural and multilevel inequalities are maintained by unjust world economic systems of predation favoring the domination of the strong over the weakest. Despite the efforts deployed by the United Nations to federate the States around the question of Humanity, the lure of gain, the profit at any price takes over the reason of Men. Change will only happen if men, without distinction of colors, cultures, religions, become aware of the universality of humanity. Only unconditional love could tip the future in favor of the human cause. With more than 800 million men still living in extreme poverty (with 1.24 and / or 1.90 dollard per day), hunger, inequality, poverty define the contours of the faces of misery. Today, Men are no longer aware of the situation of the world and change can only come from Man for Man.

Our proposal to wipe out hunger in the world, is to urge each organization working for the humanitarian cause to focus its efforts not on a single Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but on the joint achievement of at least 3 Sustainable Development Goals. (SDGs) by action, and in this case, to achieve SDG2 more quickly, we advocate working towards the joint achievement of the following 3 SDGs: SDG1: Poverty Eradication, SDG2: Combating Hunger or Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture, SDG10: Reduced Inequality, and annual assessment of Dedicated Indicators by area:


SDG1: Poverty Eradication


  • Monetary poverty rate
  • Poverty rate in living conditions
  • Intensity of income poverty
  • Renunciation to consume protein for financial reasons
  • Renunciation of care for financial reasons


SDG2: Fight Hunger or Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture


  • Renunciation to consume protein for financial reasons
  • Prevalence of overweight and obesity
  • Average diversity of arable crops
  • Organic farming and farms of high environmental value
  • Animal Exposure to Antibiotics (Animal Level of Exposure to Antimicrobials Indicator)
  • Consumption of phytosanitary products
  • Local breeds at risk of extinction
  • Water withdrawals


SDG10: Reduced inequalities


  • Growth rate of average standard of living
  • Income inequalities
  • Inequalities of heritage
  • People with broadband at home
  • People who have connected to the internet in the last three months
  • Renunciation of care for financial reasons
  • Housing overcrowding rate

In Haiti

To illustrate our remarks, in 2017, Humanity For The World (HFTW) set up a humanitarian action in Haiti, more specifically at the school "Momance pioneers" in the community Momance located in the city of Léogâne ( This humanitarian mission was originally intended to jointly address SDGs 1: Poverty Eradication, SDG3: Fostering Well-Being and Health, SDG4: Quality Education, SDG5: Gender Equality, SDG10: Reduced Inequality. We observed, at the end of a year, that the population, prolonged our action by buying plans of corn, tomatoes, started a small agricultural production which participates today to feed sustainably the inhabitants of the community of momance. In conclusion, by feedback, in seeking to improve the lives of children and adults in the community, we finally had an action that had a long-term impact on the achievement of SDG2.

In Martinique

We have observed that in Martinique, referring to sustainable development, often return to refer to SDG7: Use of renewable energies. The analysis of this situation leads us to understand how the effects of a public policy in favor of the environment can lead to a lack of global information on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Indeed, to encourage the French population to change their way of life, by adopting ecological gestures in favor of the environment and the safeguard of the planet, the French state had to put in place a number of measures aimed at attributing tax and financial counterparties to households and businesses.

The observation is the following: there is a lack of knowledge of other areas of Sustainable Development.

The services of the French state such as DEAL Martinique (Direction of the Environment and Development of the Litoral of Martinique) in partnership with certain associations of Martinique, initiated a work of awareness on the SDGs14: aquatic life, ODD15: Protection of terrestrial flora and fauna, SDG6: Sanitation water.

Nevertheless, Humanity For The World (HFTW) is the only organization on the island to offer an unprecedented vision by participating in the transversal achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To act effectively, we must educate, inform, sensitize the population on the various global issues in relation to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is why we communicate daily on the subject through social networks. To quote the last 2 major communications :

Video : (


Video : (


Without having received any subsidies, our motivation is fueled by our vision for Humanity, "universal unconditional love". Thus, since 2017, we have begun training, information and democratization of the 17 SDGs among the people of Martinique and the world. Through the simple fact of our existence on a French territory of the Caribbean, by the communication of our actions, by the lobbying on the social networks and the breasts of the international spheres of power, in favor of the realization of the 17 SDGs we hope to arouse vocations, because the more we will be working for the cause, the more we will look at a better world.

« We believe that education is also about the power of example »