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Re: Development of a Code of Conduct on Food Loss and Food Waste Prevention

Teale Yalch
Teale YalchGainUnited States of America


Thank you for sharing the Draft Outline for the CoC on Food Loss and Waste Reduction. I think it looks like a great outline. Below I’ve added a few comments and suggestions for your consideration.

  • While the ultimate objective for policy makers and development organizations may be promoting food security, this might not be enough incentive for private sector businesses that work along the supply chain and can contribute greatly to the reduction of FLW. It will be important to incentivize these stakeholders by highlighting how reducing FLW can improve their profitability.
  • Under 1.4; Bulletpoint B – establishing guidelines for measuring FLW will also be important. There’s still a huge gap in data for FLW along supply chain, particularly for nutritious perishable foods in developing countries.
  • While the code is meant to be used more globally, will it be accompanied by guidance documents that will provide guidance for stakeholders on how to actually abide by the code in a specific country, industry and/or commodity? These are often the most helpful documents for actually implementing the code.
  • Under 2.1 – If the objective is to improve the supply of “healthy food”, it will be important to emphasize the need to focus on perishable nutritious foods (fruits and vegetables, animal source proteins, etc) and to integrate food safety practices (which are often linked to PHL reduction practices) where ever possible.
  • Under 2.2.1 –
    • Improving access to market information to ensure farmers respond appropriately to consumer demand.
    • Review of state policies that may prohibit or reduce access to equipment that could help businesses reduce loss (e.g. cold chain or processing equipment)
    • Biofuel is also a repurposing option for some foods
  • Under cross cutting theme, suggest including: Climate change, food safety, improving the availability and affordability of nutritious foods

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.



Teale Yalch

Programme Lead

Postharvest Loss Alliance for Nutrition

Marketplace For Nutritious Foods (Interim)