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Re: Towards the establishment of an International Digital Council for Food and Agriculture

Guillermo Martinez
Guillermo MartinezCentro de Investigación en Ciencias de Información Geoespacial, A.C.Mexico

Contribution received through the e-Agriculture platform


It is relevant to focus on the equal better use of what is available today by the people in the different realities. It’s not only about accessibility to different things, because due to WWW huge amounts of data and tools are there awaiting to be used. The focal matter is to open opportunities to everybody to have the best benefit of them.

In most countries, it’s government’s duty to seek for the well-being of the population, but in most of them, society is able to participate through civil participation, NGO’s, etc. A possible useful strategy to address this is for decision takers to open the analysis process to different society’s actors, that can offer knowledge, plans and creativity to face this everybody’s problem. 

Agriculture has to be considered a local activity with global impact. Inside the sustainability development’s postulates, this activity has to provide products and inputs not only to population surrounding the parcels, considering we are living in a global village. Important global tools such as satellite imagery can benefit different countries that might be in a difficult situation to buy, develop or use other technological tools.  

A multinational council has the opportunity to focus correct efforts where are needed, because the local requirements have to be attended as so, having always in mind that each region is different in environmental, social and economic issues. This uniqueness can be better addressed by strategies emerging from de discussion of different points of view from inside and outside the areas.


The establishment of a council is a good opportunity to enhance available resources to address the limit of a barrier to adopt technology for agriculture. People in it have to seek for general benefits, sometimes thinking in local scale, other times in national level and even thinking of regions including parts or different entire countries. A special benefit of a council is that people proposing and taking decisions can (and should) be from de site, but also from other areas, to bring a different point of view.


Yes. I think these roles are useful baselines to face the challenges. Concrete products such as guides can set similar strategies, considering successful experiences. Bur also, there is a commitment in different ones, which becomes more useful, but also more difficult to accomplish.


Yes. Structure and duties look fine. The important thing about it is linked to question 2, considering that the people conforming it should be inclusive, neutral, accessible, autonomous, efficient, ethical and some other more.