The FSN Forum facilitates different kinds of online discussions.

Discussions can be raised by fellow members, can be initiated by the FSN Forum team or can be part of global and regional initiatives.

They can explore food security and nutrition topics from a practitioners point of view, can provide input to policy formulation processes and can be used to validate technical work.


linkDiscussions archive

In this section you can find the complete list of online discussions held on the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition until now. Visiting the discussion page you can participate in the ongoing discussions and find information such as summaries, proceedings and resources.

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linkTargeted consultations

The FSN Forum hosts targeted consultations aimed at informing policy and decision-making processes, research and technical meetings by opening them up to a wide range of stakeholders.

These innovative mechanisms respond to the increased expectations of  stakeholders to be involved in and informed about policy processes affecting food security and nutrition.

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Watch the video to know more about the FSN Forum's support to policy dialogue processes.