Re: Forests and trees provide benefits for food security and nutrition– what is your say?

Champak Ishram community based organization, India
Champak  Ishram

Hi Moderators and other members

I have some additional views, comments and suggestions.

a.       International bodies of indigenous people strongly voiced in many climate change submits that it should be stopped criminalizing traditional forestry systems and using practices of indigenous people. It is because the means of hedging lives and wellbeing (livelihoods, social institutions and cultures) of indigenous communities are strongly attached to indigenous forestry systems and practices. I agree the REDD policy and support programme harm way of lives including food security of the tribal/indigenous people in all countries including India. The money from the forest carbon sale cannot buy better substitutes of livelihoods, social institutions and cultures of the tribal people even in a decade or so.    

b.      There are institutional problems to manage forest for contributing on food security and nutrition. Even research organizations and universities are also biased against the forest based people. Once I assessed research worked by CIFOR and found that there were few researches in favour of tribal or indigenous groups. Most of research findings of the organization are against tribal/ indigenous ethnic groups and other forest based people. From my understanding the people from international organizations got opportunities to steal the livelihood means of forest based communities and other poor people due to extreme conservative forestry values and practices of national forestry professionals, elites or bureaucrats.

c.       The saying “the Emperor's New Clothes” best explain the reality of international forestry development policy and support in developing countries. Evidences are self explaining that forestry organizations are stealing means of livelihood forest based people instead of helping.

d.      There is a need of some dedicated people with intellectuality to work in favour of forestry based communities and socially disadvantaged people. International organizations are not heaven to work in favour of socially disadvantaged and forest based people. I have listened many problems and frustrations by my friends working in international organizations. They said that the people working at management level of international organizations have a undeclared social ring and limited opportunities of the organizations to the people of the elite circle.  People working in the organizations should justify and defend all works done by the organizations or bosses even if these are horribly wrong. The best strategy to survive and get opportunities is pleasing powerful people in and outside the organizations. You need to spend most of your efforts to please people instead of working for producing quality outputs. People with open mind and fair attitude get hard time to work in such manner and survive there. Public rarely dare to challenge wrong doings of the people due to their high profile of their organization. According to my friends the people who point their work weakness get named in negative list.  From my understanding the individuals pointing weakness of the people affiliated in the high profile organizations must have high levels of intellectuality to challenge them and dedication to work for forest based people. If you are dedicated to work for disadvantaged people you make much more differences working voluntarily from outside than working from the international organizations.  

e.      The intention of my writing is not challenging the job of symbolically high profile people working in national and international forestry organizations. I can never do it. But I am sharing the realities of forestry problem to contribute on food security and nutrition.        

Thanks for reading my points.