Re: HLPE consultation on the V0 draft of the Report: Biofuels and Food Security

John Wilkinson Team Leader HLPE Biofuels and Food Security Report,
FSN Forum

Dear Contributors to the Public e-Consultation,

On behalf of the HLPE Biofuels and Food Security Report Project Team I would like to thank all, both institutions and individuals, who have contributed to the consultation. The comments and considerations have amounted to some 250 pages of careful and critical analysis. In addition to the attentive reading of the document, comentators have supplied us with a wide range of references which will be invaluable in the further elaboration of the Report. We are particularly grateful for the detailed elaboration of the arguments put forward from many different perspectives.

As you all know, this was what we have called a Zero Version which was circulated intentionally by the HLPE at this early stage in the elaboration of the Report to allow for a full consideration of the corrections, suggestions and positions presented in the consultation. You can be assured that subsequent versions will take into careful consideration all the contributions we have received.

While the title of the Report is “Biofuels and Food Security” the central concern and terms of reference are the implications of Biofuels for Food Security and we do not intend therefore to provide an exhaustive account of the present and future of biofuels. We recognize on the other hand that all aspects of food security should be taken into account and this will be a central concern in our reworking of the text.

Once again our sincere thanks to all who have participated in the consultation

Best regards, 

John Wilkinson

Team Leader HLPE Biofuels and Food Security Report