Re: Nutrition-enhancing agriculture and food systems

Ms. Jody Harris IFPRI, United Kingdom

Feedback by Jody Harris and Leslie Amoroso, facilitators

Dear all,

We would like to give an enormous thanks to those who have already contributed to this discussion. It is a rich discussion, covering important topics, with the diversity of views and perspectives from different fields and geographical areas reflecting the variety of options for nutrition-enhancing agriculture and food systems.

Recognizing this diversity, and some of the leading current thinking in the different topic areas, core background papers and materials for the ICN2 have been made available to inform this discussion and several expert papers have been prepared. In the next week, we encourage you to read one or more of these materials (those which reflect your own interests), and consider these when making your comments.

The materials are made available at the following links:

Core background papers/materials:

Expert papers:

When thinking about these carefully-chosen materials, do keep in mind the three overarching questions around 1) Policy issues; 2) Programme issues and 3) Partnerships articulated in the introduction; your thoughts on these areas are very much welcomed.

Your comments on the discussion materials and on the three key questions are invited, based on your personal experiences, views and work.

Thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us (even briefly), and we look forward to receiving your contributions.

Jody and Leslie