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Rights-based approaches to Food Security in Protracted Crises

Dear Members,

We would like to invite you to the online discussion Rights-based approaches to Food Security in Protracted Crises, launched today by the Community of Practice on Food Insecurity in Protracted Crises.

There are certainly many challenges to the successful application of rights based approaches in protracted crises settings such as weak central governments or having to deal with non-state actors. With this discussion we would like you to help us further explore these challenges and how they can be overcome.

The discussion will be facilitated by Joseph Schechla from Habitat International Coalition’s Housing and Land Rights Network, Egypt and by Mauricio Rosales from the Right to Food team of FAO, Italy.

It is the third of a series of four, which form part of the process to elaborate an Agenda for Action to address food insecurity in protracted crises. The inputs received through these discussions will inform and shape the elaboration of an Agenda for Action, which will be considered by the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) in 2014.

Please read the full topic below and join the discussion on the web page. The topic is also available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish and we accept comments in any of these languages. This discussion will be open until 12 November 2013.

We look forward to hearing from you!

FSN Forum Team