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United Nations "My World" Survey

The “My World" Survey (  is a United Nations global survey where citizens from all over the world are voting on issues they think are important in their lives. The “MY World” survey offers individuals a list of 16 issues to choose from. The voters are then required to prioritize six of those issues they consider most important to their lives. The survey results will be used for the future development agenda of the U.N. after the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) end in 2015. 

One year after its official launch by the UN Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon, MY World survey has gathered more than 1.7 million citizens’ voices from 194 countries. The data that the survey continues to gather generates important information, not only in terms of global priorities, and how these differ by country, gender, age, level of education and location but also serves as useful inputs to the body of evidence available to member states in their discussions to shape the agenda.

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