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Call for Articles on "Nutrition"

GFAR is seeking many new ways to spread the value of agricultural research and innovation of all kinds and how they are helping to address development challenges. GFAR has established a collaboration with New Agriculturist a widely read and well recognized online journal, to help share your stories about how agricultural knowledge and innovation are helping to address major development challenges and make a real difference in the lives of the poor.
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Scholarships for visiting scholars from developing countries

The University of Pavia and EDISU (ITALY) are offering for the year 2014 twelve scholarships for visiting scholars from developing countries.

The call is in attachment and additional information are available at http://www.unipv.eu/site/home/internazionalizzazione/cicops/cicops-scholarships.html

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See the attachment: cicopsSS.pdf
Author: Maria Sassi

Los pequeños agricultores pueden verse excluidos de los sistemas de certificación de biocombustibles

La FAO advierte que los sistemas de certificación podrían ser barreras comerciales indirectas si no se gestionan adecuadamente.

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Public consultations for the post-2015 development agenda on growth and employment

One of the themes on which the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) is convening public consultations for the post-2015 development agenda is growth and employment. Three e-discussions are currently taking place, on 1) growth, diversification and structural change, 2) development-led globalization and 3) sustainability and growth. Please browse the space http://www.worldwewant2015.org/employment to register and join.

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