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Public consultations for the post-2015 development agenda on growth and employment

One of the themes on which the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) is convening public consultations for the post-2015 development agenda is growth and employment. Three e-discussions are currently taking place, on 1) growth, diversification and structural change, 2) development-led globalization and 3) sustainability and growth. Please browse the space http://www.worldwewant2015.org/employment to register and join.

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Online Discussion from 6-20 February: Connecting people, sharing knowledge and increasing transparency. Using online platforms to increase access to open data, share best practices for monitoring women's land rights

Given the rapid expansion of the internet and the increasing number of users, including in the global South, the full potential of online platforms for promoting inclusive consultation of issues of high global interest is certainly not yet realised.

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NEW course: Linking emergency aid to food and nutrition security 15 – 26 April, 2013 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Wageningen UR-Centre for Development Innovation is organising a new course on Linking Emergency Aid to Food and Nutrition Security. The course offers participants a chance to gain insight in the inter-disciplinary and integrated nature of food and nutrition security in an emergency setting, in particular the role of stakeholders, institutions, and innovative governance/donor interventions to build resilience.

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Asia Pacific Food Situation Update

  • Typhoon Bopha hits Philippines banana harvest hard
  • Global food prices fall slightly in November
  • Afghan domestic wheat flour prices rising
  • Asia cereals harvest at record level in 2012
  • Iran paying higher prices for commodities because of sanctions
  • Viet Nam achieves record rice exports
  • Indonesia and the Philippines likely to cut rice imports
  • Scientists unlock key sections of wheat genome
  • Favourable weather helping Afghan wheat crop
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