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4th Sustainable Food Planning Conference, Berlin

The next AESOP Conference which will be held on 1-3 November 2012 in Berlin

4th Sustainable Food Planning Conference Berlin
Evolving Places. Processes. Products.
Changing Food Systems in an urban world.

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Orange Sweet Potato Makes the Case that Biofortification Works

A study published today in the Journal of Nutrition provides conclusive evidence that orange sweet potato (OSP) provided significant amounts of vitamin A to malnourished Ugandan children and women and that a modest improvement in vitamin A levels in the body was measurable in some cases.

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Lifting the veil of mystery surrounding bats

FAO published a new guide on the role of bats in agricuture titled  Investigating the role of bats in emerging zoonoses

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FAO Food Price Index up 6 percent

The FAO Food Price Index climbed 6 percent in July 2012 after three months of decline.

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