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Topic: Crisis


FSN Forum seminar on “How to end hunger in times of crises”

The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum) organized a seminar on a recently published book entitled: How to end hunger in times of crises. Let’s start now! inviting FSN Forum members in Rome and interested FAO staff to join a discussion with the two authors, Andrew MacMillan and Ignacio Trueba.


FSN Forum seminar on “Ending Hunger Worldwide”

The FSN Forum held its first “live”event on the occasion of Human Rights Day, 10th of December 2010, inviting Romebased members and friends to a presentation and discussion with George Kent, Professor of Political Science at the University of Hawai’i and active member of the FSN Forum.


Seguridad alimentaria, igualdad de género y consolidación de la paz

El Instituto de Estudios sobre Desarrollo (Institute of Development Studies) y la FAO están poniendo en marcha esta discusión en línea centrada en la seguridad alimentaria, la igualdad de género y la consolidación de la paz. Los resultados de esta discusión en línea ayudarán a recopilar información para un estudio que pretende compartir recomendaciones prácticas, valiosas y basadas en pruebas objetivas con los gobiernos y otras partes interesadas, en particular con las organizaciones internacionales y el personal de la FAO.

Food Security and Nutrition resources

Why has Africa become a net food importer?

That Africa has become a net importer of food and of agricultural products, despite its vast agricultural potential, is puzzling. Using data mainly for the period 1960-2007, this report seeks to explain Africa’s food-trade deficit since the mid-1970s. The core finding is that population growth,...

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