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Topic: Livestock

Food Security and Nutrition resources

Family Poultry Development - Issues, opportunities and constraints

This document is based on the activities and findings of the “Smallholder Poultry Development Programme”, which was funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and implemented by FAO in cooperation with the International Network for Family Poultry Development (INFPD) and...

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Food Security and Nutrition resources

Edible insects – Future prospects for food and feed security

This book assesses the potential of insects as food and feed and gathers existing information and research on edible insects. The assessment is based on the most recent and complete data available from various sources and experts around the world. Insects as food and feed emerge as an especially...

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Livestock keepers' rights - an important concept for food security?

Can Livestock Keepers' Rights help in improving food security of people living in marginal lands? Evidence of the importance of small-scale livestock production systems making use of uncultivable lands and crop is strong; should they be given prominence over commercial producers, producing large amounts of cheap animal protein based on imported breeds and imported feed?

Food Security and Nutrition resources

A food security perspective to livestock and the environment

The main premise of this essay is that an early escape from hunger is not primarily the result of private decisions in response to free-market forces. Improved food security stems directly from a set of government policies that integrate the food economy into a development strategy that seeks...

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