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El futuro de la Agricultura Familiar: empoderamiento e igualdad de derechos para mujeres y jóvenes

El futuro de la Agricultura Familiar: empoderamiento e igualdad de derechos para mujeres y jóvenes

En el contexto del Año Internacional de la Agricultura Familiar, esta discusión se dirige a aquellos que son activos en el ámbito de la agricultura familiar y que tienen sugerencias sobre cómo mejorar los medios de subsistencia de las campesinas y cómo animar a los jóvenes a continuar en la agricultura familiar.

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How Rainfall Variability, Food Security and Migration Interact

The world faces a serious water crisis, warned former heads of government and experts recently in a book that identifies a multitude of associated security, development and social risks, including food, health, energy and equity issues.

“Water security requires long-term political ownership and commitment, recognition of water’s key role in development and human security, and budget allocations appropriate to the fundamental importance of water to every living thing,” asserted Zafar Adeel, Director of the United Nations University (UNU) Institute for Water, Environment and Health, which published that book last September.

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Environmental migrants - A myth?

Environmental migration has been the subject of lively debate in recent years. Recent International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) research lets us put this debate into perspective. Microlevel evidence has improved our understanding of how climate affects individual and household decisions to migrate over time in African and Asian countries. Macrolevel analyses help us assess whether such country-specific evidence may be systematic enough to constitute a global phenomenon.

This brief reviews recent evidence, examines main research challenges in identifying migration–climate links and discusses the policy options for formalizing migration as an adaptation mechanism to climate change.