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Mr. Cosmas Kombat Lambini Germany Bayreuth Center for Ecology and Environment Actualmente estoy trabajando en:

Cosmas Kombat Lambini is from Ghana and a product of the Erasmus Mundus International Master in Rural Development. He studied at the University of Cordoba, Spain, Nitra Agricultural University, Slovakia and Humboldt University zur Berlin, Germany and wrote his final thesis with co-supervision from Wageningen University on forest governance and institutionalisation in Ghana. After, the masters he stayed in Berlin and helped start an NGO-Changing Rural World with other African Young Researchers in Berlin with the idea of giving their expertise to development partners interested in cooperation in the global south in the field of new innovative cooperations in rural development. Cosmas also joined and supported a research programme on Market Information System (MIS) of the German International Development Agency (GIZ)/ Market Oriented Agriculture Programme (MOAP) in Ghana where he conducted a feasibility studies prior to the implementation of the Market Information Systems project and helped in the ESOKO ICT training to the beneficiaries of the Market Information System Services for small scale farmers and traders in Ghana.  With keen interest in environmental science policy research he was hired by INRA/Agroparistech and the Laboratory of Forest Economics (LEF) to research on an EU Funded Research Project called Newforex which looks at forest externalities cost of provision and market based mechanisms to enhance private forest owners provision in five EU countries and a developing country case study in Brazil. Cosmas finalized the report on theoretical and empirical assessment of cost of provision with the partner universities in the project and developed a cost assessment survey protocol for the study. Cosmas recently joined the University of Bayreuth, Germany as a TERRECO Member to research on forest ecosystem services economics in South Korean and Vietnam. He plans to economically value ecosystem services, optimization and tradeoffs of there services in selected study areas applying economic and spatial analysis.