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Sr. Julián Muñoz Munevar Colombia Fundación Alpina proyecto "Familias bien nutridas y saludables"
I am currently working on:

Fundación Alpina, coordinador proyecto "Familias bien nutridas y saludables"

Sr. vikram panwar India Soiltest
Sr. Eduard Maury-Sintjago Chile
I am currently working on:

Docencia e Investigación en Educación Superior.

Gloria E. Durán Mariaca Bolivia (Estado Plurinacional de) Consultora en nutrición
Sr. Carlos Enrique Vargas El Salvador Defensoria del Consumidor
I am currently working on:

Gestión para una campaña nacional sobre consumo saludable y seguro.

Delhi Trejo Mexico PESA-FAO
Sra. Ekaterine Karageorgiadis Brazil Alana Institute
I am currently working on:
Lawyer at Children and Consumerism Project and Counselor at National Council on Food and Nutrition Security (Consea).
Children and Consumerism Project aims to disseminate and debate issues related to advertising to children, as well as to point out ways in which to minimize and prevent damages resulting from this marketing communication strategy.
Established in 2006, this multidisciplinary project operates in different spheres of activity to promote the theme and encourage debate. The project takes in the complaint of parents and educators, and responds through legal action, research, education and advocacy to influence public policy formulation and the extensive debate in civil society.
Sra. Bruna Emiko Takara Italy Roma Tre
Sra. roxana Salazar Costa Rica Fundacion Ambio
I am currently working on:

Ambio forma parte de Consumers International, promoviendo dietas salubles y otros temas relacionados con alimentacion y salud.

Sr. Kennedy Patricks Nigeria kenose Farms
I am currently working on:

I am currently working on poultry farming processing and packaging and I currently do research on sustainable rice farming