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Dr. Richard Longhurst United Kingdom Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University
Sra. Andrea Vilela United Kingdom HelpAge International
I am currently working on:

Social Protection Policy Influencing at the International Level and providing programme support to HelpAge country offices and Network partners in their campaigning, research and other programme work.

Sr. Winfried Rijssenbeek Netherlands FACT Foundation
I am currently working on:

The Africa Productive Biogas Program contributing towards the development of a productive biogas sector in 7 countries in West (Mali, Burkina Faso) and East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Congo DR.

The development of a Global Alliance for Productive Biogas - GAPB together with ETC Energy Foundation and Practical Action UK.

Sra. Leslie Koo Myanmar Save the Children
I am currently working on:

LEARN project funded by LIFT Fund, which provides technical assistance in nutrition to partners implementing food security and livelihood programs in Myanmar.

Sr. Eric Anderson Estados Unidos de América
I am currently working on:

Nutrition Specialist, Food Security Team, U.S.Peace Corps

Dr. John Hoddinott Estados Unidos de América IFPRI
Sra. Rosemary Mwaisaka Afghanistan
I am currently working on:

Managing Food and nutrition security programs

Sr. Gustavo Secilio Argentina Instituto de Ética y Calidad en el Agro, EticAgro
I am currently working on:

Director EticAgro y Consultor internacional

Sr. Girma Yadete Ethiopia South Gondar Zone Tach Gayint
I am currently working on:

As chief of party for development food assistance program