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Sra. Jean Blaylock United Kingdom UK Food Group
Sra. Marian Carolina Pargas Saavedra Argentina
I am currently working on:

Venezolana, Ingeniero Agroindustrial. Estudiante de Maestría en Economía Agroalimentaria en la Universidad Nacional de La Plata. La Plata - Provincia de Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Sr. Firas Yassin Italy
I am currently working on:

food security issues

Anja Wells Germany Global Donor Platform for Rural Development
Sr. Federico Fadiga Belgium
I am currently working on:

Food Security at the Red Cross/EU Office in Brussels

Sr. Ikechukwu Celestine Onyia Nigeria Human Rights Research & Development Center
I am currently working on:

Develop ways of resolving critical variables in food security and nutrition.

Sr. Rik Plomp Netherlands
Diana Santos Costa Rica INCIENSA
I am currently working on:

I´m peruvian but actually I´m doing an internship in the Costa Rican Institute for Research and Education on Nutrition and Health, in a project about Health Promotion in schools across the country. The object is to improve the quality of life at thte early stage of human development trought the education and prevention.

Sr. kebebebw Fisseha Sweden Swedish university of agricultural sciences
I am currently working on:

Studying Masters in rural developement and Natural Resources management .

Sr. John Gossop United Kingdom Croft Farm
I am currently working on:

Methods of powering farming without diesel.