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Sr. Oscar Chimanzi Sierra Leone
I am currently working on:

As a Technical Officer (M&E) on Sierra Leone's Smallholder Commercialization Programme (SCP)-Global Agriculture and Food Security Programe (GAFSP)

Sr. Mbachia Ng'ethe Kenya Mushroom Blue
I am currently working on:

I am a mushroom farmer who is currently working to find a system of sustainable mushroom farming while utilizing whatever organic waste that is readily available at the farm level.

Sr. John Kennedy Malaysia Nutrition Society of Asia
I am currently working on:

Nutrition issues in Asia

Sr. victor manuel villar real Mexico
I am currently working on:

proyectos productivos,sistemas agroforestales.

Sr. Sidney Richardson San Bartolomé
Sra. Yinka Adesola Nigeria Entrepreneur Youth Cooperative Multipurpose Society
I am currently working on:

Engaging more youth in Agricultural food production and environment conservation

Sr. Greg Pinniger Estados Unidos de América Excelerite/ US Rare Earth Minerals
I am currently working on:

Education and sales of our product Excelerite that is one of the few products that remineralizes the soil with 78 trace elements and chelated micro nutrients.

Sr. Himanshu Prasad India NIT SILCHAR
I am currently working on:

Economic Viability of Small and Marginal Farmers in Indian Agriculture

Sr. Seydou Cisse Côte d'Ivoire Ambassade de Cote d'Ivoire Rome
I am currently working on:

les questions de sécurité alimentaire en Cote d'Ivoire