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Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Somalia Somali Youth Development Foundation (SYDF) Actualmente estoy trabajando en:

My approach begins with learning about Somali Youth needs and goals. We do not just study but take a measurable action and admirable, to save them; we dig deep and learn about Youth/ the local community needs, and their priorities specific functional expertise as well as extensive search and experience. Therefore SYDF responsible for administering the local communitie’s as well as domestic nutrition assistance programs. Having Thus stated above we there kindly request and share how you can help us through commodities supplying as: prepared meals that are served at congregate feeding sites; food packages that may be used for home consumption; and disaster relief assistance. As we as nutrition education and promotion materials and presentations delivered by expert staff and senior managers; and food safety and security efforts, technical assistance and informational materials. Best Regards ------------ Abdullahi Chair person of sydf