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Prof. JS (Pat) Heslop-Harrison United Kingdom University of Leicester Actualmente estoy trabajando en:

My research involves crop genomics, biodiversity, crop evolution, molecular cytogenetics, breeding, introgression and polyploidy in diverse crops including banana, wheat, rye, barley, millet, Panicum, Musa, Triticum, oil palm, forage grasses and Brassicas, as well as orphan crops. Our work is complemented by research training, project development advices, programme or proejct review, and collaborations or collaborative projects. Our interests include many aspects of future-proofing crops against biotic and abiotic stress including climate change, and developing policy regarding food security and sustainability, in line with the Millennium Development Goals MDG / MDGs. Our website is and contact is phh4(a) We are active on social media as pathh1 on YouTube and Twitter. We study the biology and evolution of genomes using molecular cytogenetic approaches and DNA analysis, investigating many different groups of plants (particularly crops) and animals. We focus on large-scale processes of genome evolution and control at levels of 1) DNA sequences, 2) genomes in polyploids and 3) chromosomes. We use 4) microscopy and in situ hybridization, 5) molecular (epi)genetics, 6) systems biology, and 7) hybrids to understand, measure and exploit biodiversity in crops, farm animals, wild relatives and model species.