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Luana Locatelli Italy
I am currently working on:


Sr. Constance Leglise France Porter Novelli
Prof. Dimitris Grammatopoulos United Kingdom warwick medical school
I am currently working on:

nutrition and depression

Sra. Gloria Nyamuzuwe Mozambique Instituto Nacional Para o Desenvolvimento da Pesca de Pequena Escala (IDPPE)
Sr. Habtamu Aragaw Germany University of Bonn
I am currently working on:

Master thesis: Agroforetry system in Eastern Africa

Sr. Ron Kopicki Estados Unidos de América World Bank Retired
I am currently working on:

Food Corridors, Urban Food Distribution Systems and Urban Markets

Dr. Coada Marian Tiberiu Romania Dunarea de Jos University
I am currently working on:

Marian Tiberiu Coada is researcher in Aquaculture, Environment Science and Cadastre Department of Engineering and Food Science Faculty of “Dunarea de Jos” University, Galati, Romania

Sra. Florence Macherez Belgium Animal Task Force, European Public Private Platform
I am currently working on:

We promote a sustainable and competitive livestock sector in Europe. We are a leading body of expertise, representing key stakeholders from industry, farmers and research from across Europe.
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david narayin United Kingdom
Sr. Paul Ogiefo Estados Unidos de América West Legon University
I am currently working on:

I am a student,