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Dr. Jeanne Pourias France
I am currently working on:

Urban agriculture, urban allotment gardens, city resilience, food access

Sr. Abu Hayat Md. Saiful Islam Bangladesh Bangladesh Agricultural University
I am currently working on:

Impact of integrated farming system on food and nutrition security in the developing world

Dr. Paula Leon Argentina
I am currently working on:

Food losses and waste

Sr. Gerrit Valkenburg Ghana Clusterfarming
I am currently working on:

Cluster Farm experts, well represented in Ghana, delivers specialized consultancy and an intensive training course for local farmers families into fish breeding and animal breeding techniques. Catfish is an easy to breed fish with the right characteristics and with an excellent nutritive and economic value, allowing a catfish breeding spin off. and reducing the pressure on natural marine and sea populations.

Sr. thach nguyen ngoc Viet Nam Worldvision Vietnam
Sr. Sofyan Martin France IRD
Sra. Marine Popoff United Kingdom University of Edinburgh
I am currently working on:

the potential of entomophagy to increase food security in developing countries

Sr. Abdul Latif Pakistan never
I am currently working on:

dairy products research

Dr. Harry Donkers Netherlands Innonet
I am currently working on:

Strengthening sustainable food security through practical and theoreticalsupport of local and regional food systems.