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David Neven Italy
I am currently working on:

Sustainable Food Value Chain Development

Prof. Ma. Theresa Talavera Philippines Institute of Human Nutrition and Food, College of Human Ecology, University of the Philippines Los Banos
Sra. Daniela Cuéllar Vargas United Kingdom University College London
I am currently working on:

With a background on international development and natural resource management, I am most interested in the support and development of sustainable food production systems, which empower local communities and are conducive to food security.

Sr. Rob van Hout Bangladesh
I am currently working on:

An agricultural research project in Bangladesh regarding agrobiodiversity

Prof. Gerhard Flachowsky Germany Federal Research Institute for Animal Health
I am currently working on:

As retired senior scientist and previous Head of the Institute of Animal Nutrition I am working in some fields of feed efficiency, effective using of limitzed resources, emissions including Carbon Foodtprints for food of animal origin (esp. protein).

Yeji Baek República de Corea Intern, WHO/UNSCN, Seoul National University
Sr. Philippe Novelli Canada ICAO
I am currently working on:


Sra. Lai Yin Stenqvist Sweden Ramedco
I am currently working on:

I am working on
1. To draw the attention to the public about the future of food. There are 2 major types: organic and nonorganic.
2. To find out the possibilities to do more research on the safety of GMO.