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Rodrigo Rota Bermejo Brazil
I am currently working on:

Biofuels projects

Rebecca Host-Madsen Lao People's Democratic Republic FAO
Hernandez Moreno Maria Angelica Chile Agenda Regional de La Araucanía
Regina Njambi Karanja Kenya Ministry of Health
I am currently working on:

Management of acute malnutrition through supplementary feeding programme and in/out patient therapeutic programme, nutrition counselling to people who are HIV positive and other disease conditions, nutrition education to the community, meal management and monitoring and evaluation of the existing programmes.

Regina Maria Ferreira Lang Brazil Universidade Federal do Paraná
I am currently working on:

Food and Nutrition Security in the rural areas and Food and Nutrition Education.

Reg Noble Canada Centre for Studies in Food Security, Ryerson University
Renat PERELET Russian Federation Institute for Systems Analysis, Russian Academy of Sciences
I am currently working on:

environment and water economics and security