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Re: “Latifundia” and foreign ownership of land

Mr. Timo Beiermann GIZ GmbH, Morocco

Indeed a big challenge the ongoing large scale selling of land to be missed in the future for the local populations food security. The topic should be adressed and principles of free and prior consent in this subject should be demanded. States should guarantee tenure of smallholders, private sector should be limited.

Maybe a policy to enforce productivity of smallholders by private companies  supporting community driven cooperation and partnership could be an option. But in general focus should be on nutrition security, only if cash crop increase diversity of livelihood it would be an asset and if investors might support it, this it could be an opportunity if agreed on previously and if cooperation is a fair process.

The conference could find good practices as recommendation also in regard of private sector and give an brief analysis of potential conflicts. At least framework conditions for policy and appropriate laws should be recommended to the member states and needs for action to other relevant international bodies.