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Re: Care farming: an innovative approach for promoting women’s economic empowerment, decent rural employment and social inclusion. What works in developing countries?

Dr. Shaikh Tanveer Hossain Friends In Village Development Bangladesh (FIVDB), Bangladesh
Shaikh Tanveer

Dear Moderator,


Please find herewith a case study of a women, Alecha Begum from our program area in Sylhet (north-eastern Bangladesh) on organic farming. I think, it is an encouraging case and it quite similar with care/ social farming! We are also evaluating some other case stories and hope to share with you in future.

Thanking you.

Kind regards,

Dr. Shaikh Tanveer Hossain
Sustainable Agriculture Advisor & Chief Agricultural Coordinator
Friends In Village Development Bangladesh (FIVDB)a-1207,
Dhaka, Bangladesh


See the attachment:Case_NE Bangladesh-Alecha.pdf