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Re: Coming to terms with terminology

Mr. Subhash Mehta Devarao Shivaram Trust, India

Dear colleagues,
I have read with interest the contributions on the 'terminology' and feel strongly that it is important to ensure in the definition, the fact that the source of the nutrition has to be mostly from agriculture, if we are to mitigate malnutrition among the rural and urban poor. Thus, the CFS paper needs to move towards more inclusive terminology, eg.,'nutritious food security’, in order to better reflect the conceptual linkages between agriculture, nutrition and food, to address the rampant malnutrition among the smallholder family producers, being the majority population of developing countries.

You will agree that the concerns of food insecurity and malnutrition cannot be addressed just by a definition, “Food and Nutrition Security”, without ensuring that conceptual and programmatic bridges are retained between agriculture and nutrition, say, ‘Nutritious Food Security’.