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Re: Coming to terms with terminology

Lennox Lampkin SVG Chamber of Agriculture and Nutrition Inc., Saint Vincent and the ...
Lennox Lampkin

It is my view that "Food Security" as is generally presented (lack of food or access to food)is probably one of the most misguided myths of our time... The real Food Security issues should be dealing with food contamination both accidental and deliberate and not with the belly full of unwholesome meals that lack the nutritional balance to keep us healthy!

Hence, the term food security as is presented should really be redefined as Nutrition Security and Food Sovereignty as that more aptly fits the challenges of peoples around the globe. If Nutrition is secure then we need not deal with food being secure as that will be adequately addressed. On the other hand dealing with secure food as we know it can lead to massive mal-nutrition, dependence and ultimately a global epidemic of food and lifestyle related diseases.