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Re: The contribution of the private sector and civil society to improve nutrition

Kuruppacharil V.Peter World Noni Research Foundation, India
Kuruppacharil V.Peter

Private sector and civil societies play a significant role to improve nutrition of the community.
In fact in many countries, they play a bigger role in education, demonstration, training and dissemination of traditional knowledge. Availability of food, access to food by enhanced purchasing power and absorption of nutrients by a receptive and healthy body are three pillars of nutritional security.
Without the active involvement of civil society and private sector, the whole exercise will be ineffective.
The private sector has a social obligation which is further embellished by tax benefits. Rockefeller Foundation funded the much lauded wheat programme in Mexico and India. Ford Foundation, Microsoft, Jamshatjee Tata Foundation etc are a few philanthropic organizations supporting health and nutrition education.
A detailed discussion will be useful to planners, politicians and educationalists.

Dr K V Peter