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Re: The contribution of the private sector and civil society to improve nutrition

UG2014 Group 8 University of Guyana, Guyana

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” —Henry Ford

As we have stressed in earlier comments, each sector of society has its own strengths and weaknesses. Each sector is unique in its skills and communication tactics. Each sector is important and has a part to play in ending hunger and improving nutrition. Once these sectors work together with this common goal in mind success will follow, ceteris paribus. In this comment we will further discuss this by answering the second question under partnerships.

* How can the ‘golden quadrant’ be managed to create and scale up sustainable partnerships?

When the "golden quadrant" is in scope of achievement, the private companies, civil society, knowledge groups and government tend to pool their resources to develop and work towards a common goal for society. Their motive is to work as a body to develop efficient and effective strategies and policies to serve the needs of the parts of society that is under met with basic needs of food and security. In Guyana, with the golden quadrant active the advancing and expanding the scale of programs will enable the quadrant body to target sectors of the production and manufacturing sectors of the economy such as agro-processing and new aqua-farming companies which plays a major part in food production and security. With the pooling of resources and up-to-date cooperation with international institutions and bodies the Guyanese food production economy will adhere to international standards and policies of food production and security requirements. These measures will work to ensure the amounts of food reserve within the economy are also met. The injection of grants and unilateral transfers from international organizations and membership countries along with local funding agencies such as the Institute for Private development (IPED), GO- Invest etc. contributes to the expansion in scale of production allowing the sectors to become modernized with technologically advanced harvesting and processing equipment. The health of society also plays an important role therefore the food produced and distributed must be nutritious and satisfies the needs of the consumers from all walks of life but especially the ones in need. The country is already the state and scope of achieving all its progressive goals and will continue to work and cooperate furiously in achieving and maintaining its current and future goals.


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