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Re: From economic growth to food security and better nutrition

Ipate Iudith Romanian Academy- Center of Study for Agrobiodiversity, Romania
Ipate Iudith

I think that from economic growth to food security it is important to apply a new concept: eco-bio-economy. Eco-bio-economy can be considered an attempt for a new shared vision of eco-economic and bio-economic development, which brings together integrated disciplines: economy, ecology, biodiversity, eco-economy and the bio-economy and focuses on developing smart integrated sustainable world. In all these areas, eco-bio-economy ideas allow valuable contribution of social economy, the economic welfare of solidarity, social responsibility and corporate governance, as applied to future elements that could be used practically integrated in a multipolar world for a healthy and environmentally enhancing and promoting intelligent, creative and innovative, sustainable economic development.  The high-level political decision and modern diplomatic instruments are expected catalyst and need an equation eco-bio-political and global economic success. According ecobioeconomice paradigm, a sustainable economy respects the "offer" of ecosystems is dependent upon all its resources, such as fisheries, forest resources, pastures and hayfields, arable land, etc.. As long as demand does not exceed sustainable yields can be sustained accepted limits of natural systems.
Savings based on wrong signals received from the markets on demand, will lead to irrational decisions increase the supply of products (mainly agricultural) decisions are "recipe" best for the destruction of natural systems. Under these conditions the modern economy should be based on fundamental rules of natural and artificial ecosystems (anthropogenic or anthropogenic).
All the best,
Dr. Ipate Iudith
Romanina Academy