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Re: Fixing Uganda's Extension System

Mr. Rwakakamba Morrison Agency for Transformation, Uganda

Thank you Mulindwa for your informative thoughts. I dont know where you are based in Uganda.We have a small -holder farmers dialogue tommorow at Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences -see for details. Your perspectives and experiences would enrich strategies to improve agricultural extesion services. I agree with most of your points - but on youth sharking agriculture- the trend might be changing in some areas. I for-example know young people who abandoned jobs as bank tellers in Kampala to take on poultry and are now gainfully supplying supermarkets. I know many young people in Buwate, Kyengera, Mukono and Masindi who are keen on agriculture. The middle class is actually becoming a danger - they are returning to villages to buy out land from the poor - who are now being pushed to small towns (we can return to this in future). But-could this trend be an opportunity to re-energize young and articulate Ugandans into agriculture. Can this group amplify the necessary noise to set the right incentives for the sector? But- Yes this is still a drop in an ocean of farmers with no empowerment to seek, demand and uptake new information in agriculture. There is also another problem of scatered efforts. Can FIT, LAMIS, VARMIS, FARMIS etc work together to placate a response that would reach millions of farmers? Can we also tell the story of those farmers who have succeeded to change attitude of young people towards farming and farming life? Sorry- so many questions! We have to find a spark! Lets keep the conversation leaping skyward.