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Re: Fixing Uganda's Extension System

Elizabeth Asiimwe Agric. Ext Student, Uganda

Hello Morris, it is my wish that this platform yields some results and ideas as far as this issue is concerned. As your research shows, that gap is very  big and I feel that it is high time the training package changes. Much as chosing a place of work is an individual choice, i feel that if a policy on sensitisation for behavioural change is done, maybe these fresh graduates would consider "extending" to the rural areas.

Also, if attractive remuneration packages coupled with working tools were in place,it could also be of help. Morris, an example is of an ext. worker in my rural home district deep in south western Uganda. This young man can trekk over 10kms to do his work because the only motocycle the department had broke down and work had to continue.For sure, there are very few(if any) fresh graduates who would admire him and thus stay glued to the peri-urban life.

On mobile phone technology, i think that would be the most handy and latest innovation in agric extension, However i also think it could work best if intergrated with the existing to contribute in bridging that wide gapbut again, given the adaption rate of most farmers, is it practical and do you think it can work? Over to you people......