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Re: Forests and trees provide benefits for food security and nutrition– what is your say?

Dr Stephen O. Adejoro Zartech ltd, Nigeria
Dr Stephen O. Adejoro

Forest resources are a form of natural capital assets owned by communities and nations. Beside protecting our soil against the devastation and vagaries of climate change they form part of the solution to the re management of the prevention of soil erosion and desert encroachment for the vast advancement of desert to the south of the sahara in africa. Forest and tree planting have eternity opportunity cost equivalent to the cost of mitigation of the. effect of climate change on soil integrity in climate change disasters. Forest is a natural bank for our natural food profile and medicinal resources that we must keep and value its inventory for posterity. Every nation and government at every level must invest in keeping inventory of forest and trees of biological and nutritional value to the community. Moringa oleifera as a tree is wealth food and health provider to the poor communities of the world as well as a viable source of livelihood. This tree can also replenish soil nutrient thereby is very appropriate as a soil replenished fertiliser. There is a need to work more on these categories of trees as global tree resources needed for mitigating the effect of climate change on our soil as well as providing food medicine and nature fertilizer for our forest sustanability and animal industry growth. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to add this contribution.

Thanks and god bless you all.

Dr Stephen Adejoro

Dr Stephen Adejoro contributes from Nigeria and he is currently head of marketing and research of Zartech limited an integrated value chain poultry project working toward sustainable animal food security.